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Oct 2001  (Volume 3, Number 2)
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Volume 3 Number 2
October 2001


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2.  Dallas Chapter Meetings
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All readers are invited to check out our chapter's website at:

The October meeting is back in our usual meeting room at TI, but on a
different day of the week.  We will meet on TUESDAY, October 16 in the
S1/S2 conference rooms at TI on Forest Lane.


Regular monthly meetings of the Dallas IEEE Computer Society are held at
the Texas Instruments South Campus site, 12500 TI Boulevard / 8505
Forest Lane, Dallas, Texas, on the second to last Thursday of each month
(except this month). Regular monthly meetings are open to the general
public.  The chapter holds regular meetings monthly, September through

Directions to the meeting location:

See the map at the chapter website . TI South
Campus is on the north side of Forest Lane, east of US75 (Central
Expressway), and west of Greenville Avenue.

Enter the site from Forest Lane at the traffic signal marked "TI
Entrance".  Preferred parking this month is at the extreme SE (front)
corner of the building. There is additional visitor parking at the NE
(rear) end of the building.  Enter the public lobby at the building's
South end (by the giant sundial and ask the guard to direct you to the
S1/S2 conference rooms. which are very near the South lobby entrance.

Meeting Time:

Lunch is optional in the meeting room starting at 11:30 AM.  The
technical presentation starts at 12:15 PM and generally ends by 1:00 PM.


Technical Presentations:  FREE

Lunch:  IEEE Members and Computer Society Affiliates - $7.00;
        Student Members - $5.00,
        Non-Members - $10.00.

If you want lunch, please make a reservation by Monday of the meeting
week with our online form
( ) or
contact Program Chairman, Jack Carden, at 972-490-3004
( or Barbara Breuninger at 214-480-3230

Reservations are not needed if you plan to attend only the technical


2001-2002 season remaining regular meeting dates & topics:

TUES 10/16/01   John Randall, Zyvex Corporation
   "Assembly of parts with 7 orders of magnitude in size scale"

Thurs. 11/15/01  Topic TBD
Thurs   1/24/02   Topic TBD
Thurs   2/21/02   Topic TBD
Thurs   3/21/02   Topic TBD
Thurs   4/18/02   Topic TBD
Thurs   5/23/02   Topic TBD


October 2001 Meeting Details:

  Assembly of parts with 7 orders of magnitude in size scale

  TUESDAY 16 OCT 2001
  Lunch: 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM
  Talk: 12:15 PM - 1:00 PM

  Texas Instruments South Campus
  12500 TI Blvd / 8505 Forest Lane
  Dallas, TX
  (Conference Rooms S1 & S2)

  John Randall
  CTO & Vice President of Research
  Zyvex Corporation

  Nanotechnology is hot. Presently, one would be hard pressed to find a
major university or high tech corporation that is not giving serious
consideration to some aspect of nanotechnology. While there are a large
number of companies scrambling to find near-term applications, Zyvex
Corporation is interested in the long-term goal of a major manufacturing
revolution made possible by programmable molecular assemblers. This
technology will eventually enable the creation of supercomputers of
enormous power as well as many other products, both mundane and
fantastic. However, other than some possible research tools, Zyvex does
not expect to produce any true nanotechnology products for many years.
Zyvex does expect to have products long before they have a molecular
assembler. These products will be centered around the process of micro-
and nanoassembly. There are presently many manufacturing risks that are
handled serially either by manual or conventional robotic means. Using
the processing tools provided by the semiconductor industry, it is
possible to fabricate microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices
capable of assembling components with size scales 1mm and below. MEMS
assembly technology will not impact the manufacturing of computer chips,
but will enable smaller, lower power, and less expensive computing and
communication systems.

  John Randall received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the
University of Houston in 1981. He joined Lincoln Laboratory where he
worked principally on masked ion beam lithography. In 1985, John joined
Texas Instruments and spent 10 years working at their Central Research
Laboratories on quantum resonant tunneling devices.  He was involved
with producing a number of world firsts including: quantum dot diode,
quantum well base transistor, and room temperature quantum integrated
circuit. In 1996, John was assigned by TI to work at IMEC in Belgium
where he worked on optical proximity correction. In 1998 he returned to
Dallas and was gate patterning team leader for TI's most advanced
technology nodes. In 2000 he was elected Distinguished Member of the
Technical Staff. In March of 2001, John joined Zyvex and is involved
with MEMS and molecular assembly. He is presently Chief Technical
Officer and Vice President of Research at Zyvex. John was Conference
Chairman of the 1995 International Conference on Electron, Ion, and
Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication (EIPBN) and of the 1998
Gordon Research Conference on the Chemistry and Physics of Nanostructure
Fabrication. He is on the international steering committee of the Micro
and Nano-Engineering (MNE) Conference. He has over 100 publications and
16 issued patents.

  Enter the TI South Campus at the traffic signal marked TI Entrance off
Forest Lane just west of Greenville Avenue. Preferred parking is at the
extreme SE corner of the building near the giant sundial. Enter the
public lobby at the building's SE corner and ask guard to direct you to
conference rooms S-1/S-2 (very near this entrance).

  Technical Presentation: FREE to IEEE CS Members and the general
  Lunch: Student Members - $5.00, Members - $7.00; Non-Members - $10.00.
  Please reserve lunch by 12 October with our online form at or by
contacting Program Chairman, Jack Carden, at 972-490-3004
( or Barbara Breuninger at 214-480-3230


MTV'02: Microprocessor Test and Verification, January 21-22, 2002,
Austin, Texas, Web: Deadline for submission of
abstracts: October 26, 2001


Conferences and Workshops in Texas that are potentially of interest to
area engineers and computer scientists.

25-29 Nov: GLOBECOM 2001 - 2001 IEEE Global Telecommunications
Conference, San Antonio, TX, contact: Mr. T. Scott Atkinson,, web:

1-5 Dec: MICRO-34 The 34th International Symposium on Microarchitecture,
Austin Texas;  Web:

2 Dec: IEEE 4th Annual Workshop on Workload Characterization, Held in
conjunction with MICRO-34, Austin Texas,

2 Dec: 4th Workshop on Feedback-Directed and Dynamic Optimization FDDO-4
In conjunction with MICRO-34 in cooperation with ACM SIGPLAN, Austin,
Texas, Web:

COMPILATION in conjunction with MICRO-34, Austin, Texas,

1-5 Dec: EPIC-1: 1st Annual Workshop on Explicitly Parallel Instruction
Computing Architectures and Compiler Technology, Held in conjunction
with MICRO-34 1-5 Dec, Austin, Texas, Web:



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