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31 OCT 2018
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When: Wednesday 31 OCT 2018
Talk: 12:15 PM
Where: University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)
Bldg ECSS, Room 2.102 (TI Foundation Auditorium)
800 West Campbell Road
Richardson, TX 75080
Topic: "A Gentle and Practical Introduction to Quantum Computing"
Dr. Douglas J. Matzke
Quantum Computing Researcher,
   Author, and Expert
Dallas - Fort Worth, TX
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Abstract: Quantum computing and Quantum Physics contain important concepts about how the world is built. The fundamentals of the classical world is bits with its mutually exclusive 1/0 values. Quantum computing is based on qubits that are the superposition (or mixture) of two classical bits, and this property means that bits and probabilities are fundamental to physics. Two qubits are combined in quantum registers to form ebits, which represents the smallest case of entanglement. Quantum registers can run Shor’s algorithm that factors numbers faster than any classical algorithm. Due to ebits’ strange properties Einstein call them “spooky action at a distance”, but now shown to be very real. Typically these properties of superposition and entanglement are studied with complex mathematics, but they can be learned conceptually, which will be the basis of this gentle introduction.

Once these concepts are understood that the universe is fundamentally probabilistic and informational then they can help describe such phenomena as: it from bit, universe as simulation, tunneling, particle/wave duality, Schrodinger’s cat, Bose-Einstein condensate, zero-point energy and even apply these concepts to software. Take away from this talk a better appreciation of the spectacular nature of how the universe is organized as hyperdimensional collections of bits.

Bio: Dr Douglas Matzke earned his PhD in May 2002 from EE Dept. at University of Texas at Dallas, with the topic of “Quantum Computing using Geometric Algebra” and MSEE from UT Austin in 1980. Doug was Principal Investigator for 2003 SBIR contracts to research quantum/neural computing, where he developed software that allowed modeling of quantum computing algorithms and neural networks. In addition to quantum computing, Doug is also interested in hyperdimensional math, limits of computing, computers, architecture and software. Doug was the Chairman of PhysComp '92 and PhysComp '94 workshops in Dallas. Doug has over a dozen patents and published or presented over 35 articles including a regular speaker at IEEE-CS. His 1997 lead off Computer Magazine paper predicted that by 2005 advanced processors would be multi-core and he has also made other predictions based on long term scaling trends. His follow on research after his PhD includes novel predictions about quantum computing based on geometric algebra alternatives to Hilbert Space Mathematics. Doug currently works as Python software developer in Health Care area in Plano. Doug is a Life Senior Member of IEEE.
Directions: UTD is at 800 West Campbell Road, Richard, TX 75080. See UTD Directions
Presentation room is in bldg ECSS, Room 2.102 (TI Foundation Auditorium). See UTD Campus Map
The campus Visitor Center can provide parking passes and, if needed, specific directions.
Cost: FREE



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