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Atlanta Chapter

April 11, 2000
Meeting Abstract

Development of Real-Time, Embedded Software Using UML, An Alternative Approach

Mr. Dan Walden
Cambridge Technology Partners
Atlanta, Georgia


The Unified Modeling Language defines a standard notation for object-oriented analysis and design models, but the language does not define a methodology for the development of the models and the software they represent. Without proper consideration, the robustness of the language can lead to the development of ambiguous models. Organizations engaged in the development of real-time, embedded systems must decide how the UML is applied. Considerations, unique to the development of real-time software, are discussed, and a UML analysis model profile that is based on the Shlaer-Mellor Method is described. The relationship between analysis and design models in the context of that method's Recursive Design process is described.


Mr. Walden is a manager with Cambridge Technology Partners in Atlanta. He has functioned in both technical and managerial roles in the design and development of real-time, embedded and on-line transaction processing systems since 1974. He has worked in the aerospace and communications industries and managed his own consulting firm from 1991 until 1997 when he joined Cambridge Technology Partners. Mr. Walden has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Technology degree from the Southern Polytechnic State University and a Master of Science in Information and Computer Science degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.