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August 27, 2001
Meeting Abstract

Intelligent Agents: The Re-emergence of Computer Intelligence

Norman D. Geddes, Ph.D.
Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc.
10882 Crabapple Road, Suite 2
Roswell, GA 30075


The recent release of several popular motion pictures dealing with robotics and artificial intelligence has re-awakened interest in the possibility of computer-based intelligence. Although the commercial uses of artificial intelligence programming faded from the public view in the late 1980's, the effort to create computer intelligence did not stop. Now, many software applications based on computer intelligence are quietly working away in both the government and commercial sectors. Often called software agents or intelligent agents, the successes of these applications are generating renewed commercial enthusiasm.

This presentation will briefly review the history of AI, the main philosophies underlying work in the field and the practical issues surrounding implementation of intelligent systems. Particular emphasis will be placed on the creation of large-scale, distributed, collaborative systems made of hundreds to thousands of cooperating agents and humans. These large intelligent societies may provide an important approach to the problems of global information architectures.


Norman D. Geddes received his B.A. degree in Physics from Rice University (1971), an M.S. in Aeronautical Systems from the University of West Florida (1972), and his Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology (1989), with a major in man-machine systems and minor in artificial intelligence. He is also a graduate of U.S. Navy pilot training, an experienced tactical jet fighter pilot, and has served as an Aeronautical Engineering Duty Officer in the Naval Air Reserves.

As Chief Technology Officer of Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc. since 1990, Dr. Geddes has provided research and development support to a number of defense, NASA and commercial artificial intelligence applications in the aerospace and transportation industries. His activities include systems engineering for large scale intelligent systems, knowledge acquisition and engineering, test and evaluation, and cognitive modeling and simulation of human operators.

Dr. Geddes has played a key role in the development and application of intelligent user interfaces based on artificial intelligence principles. First as lead systems engineer for the intelligent interface and later as technical project manager for the Lockheed/USAF/DARPA Pilot’s Associate Program, Dr. Geddes guided the development of aiding methods and knowledge representations for a comprehensive decision support environment for tactical operations. His pioneering work in modeling human operator intentions and in information management has been used successfully in a wide variety of defense and commercial research applications.

Prior to his work in intelligent decision aiding, Dr. Geddes was director of system development for GEC Marconi Avionics, Inc. He is also experienced in the development of manned and unmanned system simulations, having worked at General Electric in the development of training simulations. As a fighter pilot in the Navy, Dr. Geddes served tours as a jet flight instructor and as a project test pilot.

Dr. Geddes professional interests include tactical air and sea operations, intelligent decision support systems, system simulation, artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction. His professional society memberships include the IEEE Computer Society, ACM SIGART and SIGCHI and the AIAA.

Phone: 770-518-4228
Fax: 770-619-0066

Meeting Location and Time

August 2, 2001 at 7:00 p.m.
Corporate Values Room
Bell South Tower in midtown Atlanta
(near Crawford Long Hospital, the North Avenue Marta station and the Renaissance Hotel)

Lowell E. Reed
(770) 798-4940


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