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Atlanta Chapter

April 30th , 2003

Meeting Abstract

Neural Networks

Dr Brad Morantz, Viral Immunology Center of Georgia State University Department of Biology


Neural networks have become an integral part of soft computing. This presentation will discuss neural networks, beginning with simple biological ones and progressing to the more complex. The artificial neural network first as theory, and then as emulations of the biological follows. Squashing function, nonlinearity, and mathematical description lead into the understanding of what they do and how it is accomplished. Some typical applications are discussed, as well as architecture and training methods.


Dr Brad Morantz is a consultant to the Viral Immunology Center of the Georgia State University Department of Biology, working on automated immunoassays. He received his PhD from the Decision Sciences Department of Georgia State University, with a minor in Computer Science. His MS is in Decision Sciences. He has a BS in Computer Information Systems and Electrical Engineering, with additional course work in semiconductor devices and applied mathematics. His area of research is machine cognition utilizing hybrid artificial intelligence. Dr Morantz has been an invited speaker at various schools and universities as well as the IEEE. He was also a lecturer at the Raytheon Learning Institute. Brad has worked in defense, biomedical engineering, and consumer electronics.

Meeting Location and Time

April 30 th, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.
Corporate Values Room
Bell South Tower in midtown Atlanta
(near Crawford Long Hospital, the North Avenue Marta station and the Renaissance Hotel)