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October, 2003

Meeting Abstract

Web Service Composition using BPEL4WS

presented by Kunal Verma

Large Scale Distributed Information Systems Lab, Computer Science, the University of Georgia


Web service composition aims at using the power of Web services to allow corporations to create business processes that mirror today's dynamic and ever-changing business needs. Corporations can expose their application software and resources as Web services so that other corporations can dynamically find and use them in their business processes. The area of Web service composition is particularly exciting and the recently released language BPEL4WS (popularly called BPEL) is gaining momentum as the de facto industry standard for business process representation. . It is imperative to realize that all Web service standards are still in their evolutionary stages and require a lot more before the true potential of Web services can be realized. This talk analyzes the current state of the art and discusses capabilities provided by BPEL. We will also discuss our lab's research in Web service composition with respect to adding semantics as well as QoS aspects to BPEL.


Kunal Verma is a research associate and PhD candidate in the Computer Science department at the University of Georgia. He has been involved in active research in the METEOR-S project at the LSDIS Lab, headed by Dr. Amit Sheth. His particular area of research has been on exploring the role of semantics for creating Web processes with greater expressiveness and power. During Summer 2003, he worked at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center on adding dynamic binding to BPEL using semantic web technologies, and extensively interacted with IBM's researchers involved in the BPEL effort. His research publications are in the areas of Web service discovery and composition.

Meeting Location and Time

October 29th, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.
Corporate Values Room
Bell South Tower in midtown Atlanta
(near Crawford Long Hospital, the North Avenue Marta station and the Renaissance Hotel)