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08 MAR 2013
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When: Friday 08 MAR 2013
Talk: 11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
Lunch: On your own
Where: University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)
Bldg EECS, Room 2.102 (TI Auditorium)
800 West Campbell Road
Richardson, TX 75080
Topic: "The Higgs and the Pervasive Nature of Quantum Entanglement"
Speaker: Doug Matzke, Ph.D.
Consultant, Software Architect, & SMTS Texas Instruments (retired)
Abstract: Are you curious about the Higgs boson that captured everyone's attention last year? This talk will present a new model of the Higgs Boson based entirely on quantum entanglement's Bell and Magic states (see TauQuernions.org). I will introduce and discuss:
  • How entanglement originates from quantum computing (qubits are NOT part of the Standard Model),
  • The nature of quantum non-locality for ebits (many things acting non-locally as one),
  • Why entanglement is irreversible (due to information erasure),
  • How entanglement becomes the basis for 3+1d space itself (entangled Quaternions),
  • How the entangled TauQuernions form the Higgs.
Additionally, we predict "dark bosons" (3D rotations of TauQuernions ) that combine to form 4 variants of dark matter. We also predict two Higgs decay forms using our novel state classification system.

During the talk, I will demonstrate the custom Python-based symbolic math tools we developed. These allowed an information-theoretic analysis over all the states of our finite and discrete algebras (Geometric Algebra), leading ultimately to a novel entropically-driven Bit Bang model of the universe. This presentation is intended for an audience of non-technical, CS, EE and Physics personnel. So everyone curious about the informational nature of entanglement, the Higgs and dark matter is welcome.

Bio: Doug Matzke has been interested in advanced research ideas throughout his 25 years at Texas Instruments. Twenty years ago, he hosted and was chairman of PhysComp92 and PhysComp94 workshops, that brought over 100 people to Dallas to discuss the relationship between Physics and Computation. After these workshops he started a PhD program at UTD in Quantum Computing using Geometric Algebra, which he was awarded in May 2002. This work showed how a computer science and algebraic approach to quantum state space using Geometric Algebra could give an interesting and insightful alternative to Hilbert space modeling. After leaving TI, Doug was principle investigator for $1 million SBIR contracts connecting neural and quantum computing using high dimensional mathematics, plus other consulting. Since then he has upgraded his symbolic computing tools for Geometric Algebra to use Python, and the tools were significantly upgraded again in 2012 for the TauQuernions/Higgs research. Doug has 8 granted patents (of 20 disclosed patents) and over 30 papers/presentations. Doug has been working with TauQuernions paper co-author Mike Manthey for that last 15 years on this topological/algebraic approach to information/computation/physics.
Directions: UTD is at 800 West Campbell Road, Richard, TX 75080. See UTD Directions
Presentation room is in bldg ECSS, Room 2.102 (TI Auditorium). See UTD Campus Map
The campus Visitor Center can provide parking passes and, if needed, specific directions.
Cost: FREE



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